Got Your Back

Relationships Australia Canberra and Region want to make sure that 12-25 year olds who have been impacted by family and domestic violence are supported to deal with any issues they are facing.
Family and domestic violence is when someone hurts, frightens, controls, bullies and intimidates someone else in their family.

This can be anyone including your parents, step-parents, siblings, step-siblings, grandparents, foster parents, aunts or uncles, your carer, your parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend or their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or your own boyfriend or girlfriend.

We have created a community of support where young people affected by family and domestic violence can connect with each other, share ideas and discuss the challenges they are facing.

We know that for lots of young people impacted by violence at home, it can feel like there are no safe spaces to share your experience or get help or support. We also know that many young people have lots of wisdom and strength and we would like to help build on this.

Got Your Back belongs to the young people who take part. It is your group; you choose what we do and what we speak about. It is your chance to have your say and to hear from other young people in a similar situation.


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