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Supporting ACT Schools Health and Mental Wellbeing

Supporting ACT Schools Health and Mental Wellbeing

The Healthy Schools Network ACT is a collaboration of local Not-For-Profit organisations that actively promote health and mental wellbeing in ACT primary schools, secondary schools and the early childhood years. Our organisations can assist ACT school teachers, support workers and educators in many ways, including staff training, class-room resources, awareness tools, recognised programs, Professional Learning and general support.

What We Offer

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Term 3, 2022

What's New In Term 3.

SHFPACT will be offering several TQI Accredited training sessions for Canberra teachers in Term 3. Register now.
Peer Support Australia is holding an implementation teacher training workshop for ACT schools on Wednesday 3 August 2022.
Schools can now watch (and share) the 1 hour webinar online anytime.
26 April 2022
MindMap is a NEW, community led portal designed to help young Canberrans and their carers find timely and effective mental health support services and resources.