So you want to join the Network!

The Healthy Schools Network ACT (HSNACT) is a collaboration of Canberra based not for profit health organisations that actively deliver and promote a wide range of health and wellbeing programs and support across ACT educational settings. We aim to raise the awareness of our collective health based programs, services, professional learning opportunities, local face to face support and resources that are available to all ACT schools to access via our website.

The Network provides Canberra teachers, parents and carers an opportunity to access Canberra based school health and wellbeing services and local support all from one website. 


Our services are available to all ACT schools across the following settings:

  • Early childhood learning
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Individual member organisations of the Network are responsible for their own:

  • ethical standards
  • advocacy
  • promotion across schools
  • website content and up to date URL links

Network members are encouraged to collaborate at relevant ACT events to increase awareness and to actively promote the Network’s website and what it offers to ACT school communities.

The accuracy and currency of content provided (ie URL links) on the Network website is crucial and is the responsibility of individual member organisations. The network website does not accept sponsorship from commercial enterprises that are not aligned with the health and wellbeing messages of our member organisations.

Who can join the Network?

Canberra based not-for-profit health organisations that actively target ACT educational settings to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the Canberra region. Organisations that are not Canberra based may still be able to join the Network, however they will be required to have grassroot local strategies already in place to actively engage ACT schools with Ie ACT Program Development Officer, ACT Ambassador,  Canberra stakeholders etc.  

Member responsibilities

All member organisations of the Healthy Schools Network ACT are REQUIRED to:

  1. Be responsible for their organisations content and live URL page links on the Network’s website.
  2. Contribute key dates for the Network’s Teachers Mutual Bank School Planner (website calendar).
  3. Actively promote the Network’s website via their organisation’s website (a web button will be provided).
  4. Organisations that are active on Twitter are urged to “re tweet” Network tweets to help raise our profile social medai reach.
  5. Maintain some open communication, conversation and support the Network Ie attend a meeting (held 4 times a year).

Membership costs

There are no associated costs. However on the rare occasion member organisations may be invited to “contribute” to a special project, this is not a requirement or expectation.

New members' joining list

Upon joining, new member organisations to the Network will be required to submit the following information:

  • Organisation/program logo/s
  • Contact name and position
  • Contact phone and email (a generic email is better for the website)
  • Identify CORE PRIORITY area/s (refer to these 6 areas on the website home page)
  • Identify TARGET SETTING (early/primary/secondary/parent and carers)
  • Direct URL links to your website’s program/professional learning /resources that you would like on the Network’s website; and
  • A short blub about each program/professional learning/resources etc you would like to promote via the Network’s website

Once the above information is submitted you will then be notified to confirm you are happy with your organisation's new content and links on this website.

For more information about joining the Healthy Schools Network ACT please contact David Wild at Cancer Council ACT on 6257 9999.