We have a range of free and effective games, apps, videos, information factsheets, programs and activities for parents during isolation.
The Education Directorate continues to work closely with ACT Health. Read more.
Why should teachers have all the fun? Now is the time for ACT parents to up-skill themselves about when their child should be SunSmart during school down time.
In this time of isolation we would like let you know that Canteen has been supporting people going through periods of isolation for 35 years – we get it!
Now is a great time to look after yourselves and your families, especially our community living with diabetes.
Posted 26 March 2020 in Current
The Safe Cycle Online resources include courses for teachers, parents, and students - perfect for school down time.
Posted 20 March 2020 in Current
Visual and conceptual tools to promote social safety. Bookings essential. First program starts Friday 28 August 2020.