Planner » Quality Physical Education Breakfast Symposium

Quality Physical Education Breakfast Symposium

Planner » Quality Physical Education Breakfast Symposium

Quality Physical Education Breakfast Symposium


Date & Time

Fri 15 Sep 2017 7:15am - 8:30am


What is Quality Physical Education Breakfast Symposium? - ACT - 15th Sep 17

Venue: Headley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning

Time: 7.15am - 8.30am

Registration Fee: Members $10 | Non-Members: $15

You are warmly invited to attend this breakfast symposium event to discuss what quality physical education means within the ACT and also in the context of the UNESCO statement on quality physical education. The event is sponsored by Teachers Mutual Bank with the breakfast kindly prepared by Nutrition Australia ACT. The discussion will be hosted by Dr Shane Pill, ACHPER President and Dr John Williams, Chair of ACHPER ACT Management Committee. Subject to ethics permission being granted by the ACT Education and Training Directorate, attendees will be invited to have their input to the discussion recorded for use in a paper for ACHPER’s peer reviewed journal: The Asia Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education. Participation in this proposed research is entirely voluntary and those taking part can withdraw their participation at any time without consequence. Attendees who do not what to be part of the research are of course most welcome at the event and will not have their input to the discussion recorded.

In addition to having a focus on what quality physical education looks like in the ACT, this breakfast event will allow scope for networking and also the opportunity to meet Alison Turner, ACHPER National Executive Director and the committee members of ACHPER ACT. Immediately after the breakfast there will be a media launch about the strategic alliance between ACHPER ACT and PE Pulse and the membership of local key organisations in the ACHPER ACT committee. Attendees are very welcome to stay on for this additional event.

ACHPER would like to acknowledge Teachers Mutual Bank for their support of the Breakfast Symposium.

Registrations will open in late July/early August. Click here.